All inclusive | Long term options:

$825-$5500 per month.

Our all inclusive and long term options are designed for hotels that need a sales person for their property, without the added cost of hiring, training, healthcare vacation or overtime.  Nearly every assignment that can be accomplished  in a traditional  hotel setting can be equally executed virtually by a FHG consultant.           

Group Audit: 

$500 per month for the report 

$250 per month additional to have FHG collect payment, build the group resume, show expected time of arrival and departure and onsite contact.

Updated daily and reported weekly (typically on Thurs. afternoons). FHG pulls groups  from your PMS  | Delphi | SalesPro | Salesforce system.  Easy to read form that allows the GM and Executive team to review on a weekly basis.  This report shows what groups have:  picked up, over booked, or cancelled.  It  also shows when the group was booked, it's cut off date and ADR.


Compset rate update​:  

$400 per month-Your hotel and three competitors .

$100 per month for each addtional property.

​Updated daily and in real time.  When we know there is a rate change so will you and your executive team.  Rates can be viewed as far out as one year or little as one week.                                                               

New bookings in the Compset​:  

$500 per month:  3 hotels of your choice.

$250 per month:  For each addtional hotel.

​Updated and reported daily.  FHG monitors three hotels of your choice.  We have the ability to pull information from online sources that convey information back to FHG of which groups are booking within  your hotel's Market | City | Metro Area.  This information is great for stealing business and moving it to your property or becoming an overflow hotel.                  

No long term contracts.  No hidden fees.  Cancel at anytime.

Uncovering new business.  Database development.   Research and discovery.

Telemarketing​ :

$825.00 per month ( up to 3 attempts=1call ) Hotel's & FHG's database.

+20% commission on all actualized rooms.

​Approx. 50- 55 sales calls per month. 

Working with the hotel's client list(s) and or FHG's client list- we will call and\ or email the decision maker asking them when they will be booking your property for future business.  That data will then be added directly into your CRM or FHG will provide a simple easy to read CRM in an Excel format. Your onsite DOS will be provided with real time information, including an text for "hot leads" that need immediate attention.                                         


Citywide | Area Events​:  

$750 per month:  Your metro booking area up to 10 miles.

$900 per month:  Your metro booking area + 1 feeder market up to 10 miles.

$200 per month:  For each additional feeder market up to 10 miles.

​Updated daily and in real time.  FHG pulls information from several sources that promote the immediate booking metro area i.e.Chamber of Commerce, Visitors Bureaus, Convention Centers, Civic Centers, Economic Development Council, Collegiate & Professional Sports Arenas, Performing Arts Auditoriums , Concerts, Annual showcases, Venue Locations.