​​​​​Features & Benefits 

Nonsmoking cars.
Snacks and bottled water included.
Fuel and tolls included.
Up to 3 meals a day included.
Overnight accommodations included.
Children with legal guardian(s) welcome.
Pets with current vaccinations and proper restraints welcome.
One way or round trip.
We drive up to 12 hours per day.
You pick departure and arrival times.
No pickup or drop off charges (some restrictions may apply).
Driver can stay in the area for up to 7 days (additional charges).

Introducing DRIVE

Choose your services

Should I go economy, midscale or full service

Should I go straight there or make a few stops

Choose your destination

Where will I be picked up

Where is my final destination

​How many people & pets will be traveling with me

Will this be on way or round trip

Do I need the driver to stay


​An all  inclusive  car service for those needing to travel at least 250 miles.

Choose your dates

Weekdays are less expensive

Will this be weekend or holiday travel

​Will  weather conditions cause delays

Are my days flexible

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