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–Contract negotiations
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We create a level playing field by negotiating on your behalf. With a level playing field, competition flourishes. When competition flourishes, exceptional offers can be taken advantage of. We play fair with your interests in mind not additional commission structures, side deals or preferences. We don’t play favorites as our sole purpose is to get our clients the best possible deal in the most suitable location for their needs.   when it comes to contract negotiations we look for clarity of the language so anyone can understand everyone’s responsibilities, duties and obligations.  In addition and in the unlikely event there is a billing issue or guest conflict, FHG will provide post mediation and dispute resolution to resolve the situation.


When more than just accommodations are needed. FHG will be there with you to put the wheels in motion.  We only contract with accredited professional services firms that specialize in delivering strategic and operational management for state, regional and national not for profit associations and profit corporations and their Boards. Services such as housing, registration, group air, ground transportation, logistics, stage production, exhibit, management, equipment sourcing, budget oversight and event management.

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